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     Laurie Christman has been composing music since childhood. She was born and educated in Los Angeles and was immersed from an early age in the realms of classical music and ballet. The music of the Romantic era and the Impressionist art of the turn of the century have influenced her melodic compositional style. Her compositions embody those musical aesthetics while directing the listener toward a future where concert music continues to be relevant, meaningful and inspirational.

     With these elements informing her natural inclination for creativity, Ms. Christman has evolved a creative language whose melodic elements are evocative yet classical in presentation with a contemporary sensibility.

     Her debut album Where Dreams Become Sunlight was released in 2001. It features her original works for solo piano and is performed by Ayke Agus, former accompanist for Jascha Heifetz.

     Since 2008 there have been several performances of various orchestral works performed in the USA. Meadow Suite for orchestra was premiered by the New Valley Symphony Orchestra in 2009. The year 2016 saw orchestral performances in Europe. Pieces for string quartet Sylvan Suite, April Joy, and De l'amour à l'amour were performed and recorded in Los Angeles in 2017. Ms. Christman is currently composing for piano, orchestra and film.

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